Awesome Day - White Marlin

Fishin' Fannatic, Awesome Day - White Marlin
Wednesday, August 9, 2017
Offshore from Oregon Inlet

What an awesome day we had today.  We had Lenny, Angel and Dylan from Virginia out with us for a Tower trip.  It was a bit bumpy out there today, but our guys were troopers.  We started trolling towards the tower and caught mahi mahi and some king mackerals.  When we got to the tower, on the first bait, we hooked a nice bonito, only to have a shark come and take it.  It was a great fight for a quick minute.  The sharks had moved onto the tower today, so back on the troll we went.  We only had 2 baits in the water and the "bam" the line flew from the rigger and started smokin off the reel.  At first, Capt. Mark thought we had a sailfish on.  The fish put on quite the show, jumping and rolling all over behind us.  As soon as it came out of the water on its first jump, Capt Mark saw that it was a nice White Marlin.  We quickly got Dylan in the chair - and what an awesome job he did, at only 13 years old.  Pretty work Dylan! 


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