Loaded: Shrimp & Crabs!

Grandpa's Charters, Loaded: Shrimp & Crabs!
Monday, June 24, 2019
Corolla to Nags Head Sound
Beautiful Monday morning on the water with the Lamb Family from West Virginia! One tow produced 185lbs of Shrimp and nice basket of blue crabs. Enough to put up for a lot of future dinners! Grandpa Charters would to recognize and thank the Lambs for their military service, once again, we couldn't be here doing what we love without ya'll! Give us a call to book your trip, it's not only educational and fun, it puts local fresh seafood, you caught, on the dinner table, possibly for many nights to come! Don't miss out on this awesome family experience (252) 202-8546 or (252) 305-8862 we still have a few spots available this week.

Grandpa's Charters

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