Elizabeth II Tour

Roanoke Island Festival Park, Elizabeth II Tour

Across from the downtown Manteo waterfront floats Elizabeth II at her home port at Roanoke Island Festival Park. The breeze from Shallowbag Bay cools guests as they admire the ship’s bold trim. The striking green, red and white Tudor flag flaps in the wind and appears brilliant against the backdrop of a Carolina blue sky. The representational ship interprets one of the seven English merchant vessels from the Roanoke Voyage of 1585. Board and explore Elizabeth II from every angle. Help costumed 16th century sailors set the sails, plot a course with an astrolabe, and swab the decks. Marvel at the lines and rigging that allow the ship to sail. Enjoy the view of the water from the quarterdeck. Turn the capstan to raise the ship’s anchor, play checkers with a wily sailor, and search for surprises in barrels and boxes onboard. Test out the straw and feather mattresses that gentlemen aboard the ship were lucky to sleep on. The interpretive staff of sailors gladly answers questions about the ship, the historic Roanoke Voyages, or any other inquiry guests have about the beginnings of English-speaking America. Pose for a photo with the sailors or in front of the colorful, historic, sailing ship, Elizabeth II at Roanoke Island Festival Park. 

Where is the activity?

Roanoke Island Festival Park (See address and directions on the rightbelow)

Roanoke Island Festival Park

1 Festival Park
Across from the Manteo Waterfront
(252) 423-5200