Offshore Fishing Trips

$2000 Cash or Check......$2060 Credit Card (Note: if you are going to be paying for the charter with your credit card you will need to book through Pirates Cove (800-367-4728). In NC it is customary to tip your mate 15% to 20%. It may be necessary for us to add a small fuel surcharge in times of high fuel prices. Client cancellations after booking will forfeit deposit if boat cannot re-book the day. Unless you hear otherwise from the Captain, please show up on time for your charter. If the weather is suspect and the captain feels safety is a consideration, the captain will have the option of cancelling the trip. In which case, you will have the option of rescheduling or receiving a full refund of your deposit.

Overnight Swordfish Trips .... Please call for details and price. (Mid-Morning Departure and Mid-Afternoon Return)

Full Day Striper Trip ........... $1750 Cash or Check Full Day Striper Trip ............. $1850 Credit Card 
Winter Bluefin Trips ........... $2200 Cash or Check Winter Bluefin Trips ........... $2275 Credit Card

Where is the activity?

Sandra D Sport Fishing (See address and directions on the rightbelow)

Sandra D Sport Fishing

1 Sailfish Drive
(252) 305-2825