Café Experientia

By Dave Holton | Thursday, June 15, 2017

“Many people claim coffee inspires them, but as everyone knows, coffee 
only makes boring people even more boring.” – Honore de Balzac

What’s boring?
Standing in a cattle-call for a cookie-cutter drink. That’s boring. Tossing bucks into a burning ball of gas to get a fix on quasi-coffee. That’s boring.

So, don’t be boring.
Enter Outer Banks Coffee Company, a coffee nook where mingled aromas from South America, Africa, and Asia drip into you like espresso into an empty cup. Beans, still green, spill from burlap sacks into a manual coffee roaster as owner Wes Zabloudi extracts secrets. 

“You’ve got to listen to the roast,” he says, “and smell it, watch it, feel the heat off the roaster. Every bean roasts different. There is something to learn from the process each time.” 

Wes knows every customer is different too. Wes and his team are matchmakers, finding the perfect union for all who enter. And Wes takes his time. “It took me two years to develop the frap mix,” he says. “I try things and get feedback from customers. Every drink is different.”

So, don’t be boring. Experience coffee and extract her secrets at Outer Banks Coffee Company.

roasted fresh. shipped anywhere.

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