Edenton, NC, Events

If you’re heading to the Outer Banks from Highway 64 or looking for a day trip destination during your vacation, Edenton, NC, is a spot you won’t want to miss. This little town, situated on the Roanoke River in Chowan County, is about an hour away from Roanoke Island. Its charming and picturesque downtown takes you back to yesteryear where still children line the soda shop counters after school and homeowners welcome passersby into their beautiful Southern Victorian homes for a glass of iced tea. A large part of the town’s appeal comes with the various Edenton, NC, events. They have a similar feel to many Outer Banks events, but they stand out in their own ways. You won’t find as many Edenton, NC, events on a daily and nightly basis as you’ll find with Outer Banks events, but keep in mind that the Outer Banks spans 16 towns instead of just one. Don't let that deter you - it's all part of Edenton’s small town charm where the residents love supporting their neighbors’ events. You too will find yourself feeling right at home when you join them! And don’t mistake quantity for quality! People of all ages and interests will find Edenton, NC, events that pique their interest.

Edenton, NC, Events for All Tastes

Edenton, NC, is a hotbed of regional, state and national history – an aspect that many of its events embrace. Visit historic sites, cultural attractions and talk with local and visiting experts on a variety of subjects ranging from pirates to the American Revolution and even the Underground Railroad. Edenton, NC, events appeal to nature lovers as well, and you can experience the scenic town through events where you sail around the Edenton Waterfront, breathe in the fresh aroma of fruits and veggies at outdoor farmers markets, paint in gardens and simply get your fill of Vitamin D while strolling about the historic downtown on guided walking tours. You’ll get a flavor for the local culture at live music concerts and even foodie events where sweet tea, tangy barbecue and peanuts steal the show. Check this page regularly to stay up to date on all Edenton, NC, events. When you’re planning your visit there, our Edenton This Week site is your guide to everything you need to know about the area!