OBX Surf Reports

The Outer Banks is one of the best places to surf on the East Coast, and many people live here and visit here specifically for the waves. The good thing about Outer Banks surfing is that with 175 miles of beaches, there’s room for everyone on the waves, groms to grandpas, hard-core locals to world-class professionals to straight-up beginners.

There’s a lot more to surfing than grabbing a board and jumping in the ocean. Even if you’ve learned the physical mechanics and etiquette of wave riding, there is still much more to learn in order to have a successful session. Wave height, wind direction, wind speed, tides, swell direction, water temperature and shifting sandbars come into play and change daily. If you don’t have the time and wherewithal to monitor all of this on your own, our OBX Surf Reports are exactly what you need. We’ve got the local wave-riding experts posting daily Outer Banks surf reports –so you can see whether it’s worth it to hit the waves. Whether it’s double overhead hurricane swell or light summer waves perfect for your longboard, you’ll find all the information you need in our OBX Surf Reports. They’ll let you know everything about the current conditions and make predictions for the week ahead, so you can know what to expect and how to prepare.

OBX Surf Reports Tell You Where To Go

Just as important as knowing which conditions to look for is knowing where to surf in those conditions. A wind/swell combination that’s great in Corolla is not good in Ocracoke and vice versa. Each area of the Outer Banks has its ideal set up, and the OBX surfing reports will help you figure out where to go. These OBX surfing reports will tell you conditions at the consistent spots like the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, S-turns and local piers, and they may even let you know about some of the newest breaks of the season. We receive new Outer Banks surf reports daily, posted by the local wave experts. This is the place to find out the daily conditions and where to go to catch the best waves so you can get out there and get pitted!