Outer Banks Events: Daytime

Information on COVID-19

With restrictions in place limiting gatherings to no more than 50 people indoors and 100 people outdoors, you can imagine that a lot of the daytime (and nighttime) events on the Outer Banks have had to either cancel or adapt. But we're all about adapting around here, given our history of hurricanes and flooding events that alter day-to-day life for periods of time. Some outdoor events where it's easy to social distance, such as kayak tours or crabbing trips, are still a go. Others, such as concerts or festivals, have had to take a year off. Still, you'll see from the list below that there are still daytime events to take part in. This list will change regularly as we hear from local businesses and nonprofits as they firm up their fall and winter plans. 


There are always year-round events happening on the Outer Banks. Back in the day, the main Outer Banks events ended with Labor Day. Things have since changed, and today you’ll find a steady stream of programs and events to entertain your whims, broaden your mind, invigorate your body and sweeten your soul. Outer Banks events center around sea and sound waters, vast open skies, giant sand dunes, woods and nature preserves filled with wildlife and the many attractions that were built on or because of this environment – lighthouses, life-saving stations, historic gardens, aquariums. Outer Banks restaurants add the happenings with their offers of Sunday brunches, outdoor lunches and gourmet munches. Other Outer Banks things to do focus on the area’s history and heritage, and they’re certain to wrap up you and your group in a little pocket of coastal culture. Artisans can channel these influences and improve their craft at jewelry-making, pottery and painting classes. A variety of the events and festivals happening (oftentimes annually) on the Outer Banks celebrate art, music, kites, local shops and more. And speaking of music, while a majority of the music-oriented Outer Banks events occur at night, plenty perform during the daylight hours too in case you have other plans for the evening.

Experience Adventure with Outer Banks Events

Depending on how much time you want to set aside, you can find Outer Banks events that last an hour or all day. If you’re feeling sporty, you can check out sailing tournaments, volleyball games and fun-runs that are certain to get your adrenaline pumping. Take advantage of the Outer Banks’ famous winds and waves by signing up for surfing, sailing, parasailing and hang-gliding classes. For those who are keen to expand their knowledge of the coast, a handful of lectures and programs are offered weekly at local museums. These events and programs often provide an interactive way to experience and learn about the Outer Banks.

One of the best features of Outer Banks events is how many of them are family-friendly, with several even geared just for children. No matter which activity is chosen, it’s a convenient way to guarantee fun for everyone.

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E.g., 06/07/2021

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