Outer Banks Restaurant Daily Specials

Outer Banks restaurants can compete with those in most cities in terms of quality, imaginative cuisine and atmosphere. Gone are the days of a preponderance of fried fish. These days, you’ll feast on creations that feature just-caught seafood, totally fresh local produce, grain-fed beef and free-range chicken. Outer Banks restaurants now feature vegetarian, barbecue, Latin-inspired, authentic Italian, Asian and Caribbean fare. Some Outer Banks restaurants are high style…you’d think you were in a snazzy little martini bar in NYC! Lots of places are still down home and casual, so whether you’re feeling fancy or relaxed, there are plenty of restaurants here to match your mood. With all the water that surrounds us, many eateries have amazing views, too.

That being said, Outer Banks restaurants love to serve different specialty dishes to their patrons every night. Whether it’s the fresh catch of the day or the chef’s newest salad creation, these specials are certain to add a touch of new variety to the options. If you want to go to your favorite burger joint for dinner but your friend doesn’t eat beef, you might check the restaurant’s specials and find out that they have a blackened fish sandwich special. Everyone wins this way.

Some Outer Banks restaurants serve specials all day and others serve them just for dinner. If you catch a hint of the day’s specials, make sure you check to see when the restaurant will be serving it so you don’t show up for lunch only to find out that it’s actually a dinner special.

So check out our below listing of restaurants’ specials. Don’t play it safe by always going out to eat at the same restaurant when there are so many more on the Outer Banks to choose from. Find a tantalizing special and give a new restaurant a try.

Buffalo Sauce, Ranch dressing, Lettuce/Tomato. *... More info
Chicken, Beef, or Pork, lettuce, cheese, pico, key... More info
Oysters/Shrimp with fries and slaw. *Includes Soft... More info
Texas toast, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy. *... More info
Fried soft shell crab tacos with coleslaw
Totally tubular! Smoked surry sausage wrapped in a... More info
Grilled BBQ chicken topped with smoked Gouda cheese... More info
Seasoned green tomato slices fried golden brown and... More info
8 oz. of pure beef joy! Hand-pattied and Shack... More info
Honey habanero BBQ burger with bacon and cheddar... More info
Spicy island marinade, lightly floured and fried.
Chicken breast rolled in coconut and cracked pepper,... More info
Subject to availability.
Chef's choice soup.
Provolone, mozzarella and sauce. Our pizzas can be... More info
Housemade pimento cheese, Napa slaw, and applewood-... More info