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Word by word, page by page, explore the Outer Banks in depth with Outer Banks This Week Magazine. At the beginning of each season, we release a new issue focusing on a certain theme, features and, of course, the Outer Banks. Outer Banks This Week Magazine is filled with articles, shorts and schedules detailing upcoming happenings on the Outer Banks that we can’t wait to experience. The colloquial diction and conversational tone will make you feel like you’re sitting down with a group of locals, all excited to share stories and Outer Banks information with you.

We take ideas and then thoroughly explore them to expand our ample supply of Outer Banks information. And with our gorgeous pictures to complement our articles and shorts, you’ll be more than inclined to experience many of the businesses or activities we describe. Learn about some of the best places to eat on the Outer Banks, the golden oldies and just-established novelties. Check out our in-depth features on intriguing aspects of this area such as haunted happenings, local dolphins, books set on the Outer Banks, A-Z of area nightlife and more. See a detailed list of the big events and other happenings for that season.

Learn more about the Outer Banks; let the locals show you some of our favorite places and activities and direct you to our favorite restaurants and shops. With the options of either picking up a print copy or checking out the digital copy online, it's easy to stay up to date and never miss a thing!