Dolphin Dreams Come True on Outer Banks Cruises

By Hannah Lee Leidy | Thursday, June 27, 2019

Climb aboard the 55-foot Captain Johnny for the longest-running dolphin watch experience on the Outer Banks. As they enter their 25th season, Captain Johnny’s Dolphin Tours has the business of spotting bottlenose dolphins down to a science. Their 99% success rate for sightings has earned them a reputation for Guaranteed Dolphin Watch Cruises. Captain Stuart Wescott, a ninth-generation Outer Banks native, owns and operates the tour company. Many of the dolphins spotted include ones that Captain Wescott has seen for years, and his facts about them fascinate tour goers of all ages. More than the promise of dolphins, Captain Johnny’s also delivers an appreciation for the surrounding coastal ecosystems and the animals that inhabit them. Tours are offered on weekdays from May through October. Choose the morning, afternoon or evening cruise. The Sunset Dolphin Watch cruise is by far the most popular. It departs two hours before sunset, and after spotting dolphins, Captain Johnny takes you to the best vantage point on the Albemarle Sound for viewing the sunset. Book your Outer Banks Cruise experience online or call (252) 473-1475.  


Captain Johnny’s Dolphin Tours
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About the Author Hannah Lee Leidy
Hannah Lee is a fiction and creative nonfiction writer living on the Outer Banks. She graduated from Kenyon College in Ohio with a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. Traveling is her passion, but nowhere ever feels as much like home as the Outer Banks. When not planning her next trip or adventure, Hannah Lee loves aimless drives down the Beach Road, spending copious amounts of time in coffee shops and reading every short story collection she gets her hands on.