Quality Care When You Need It Most

By Dave Holton | Friday, June 16, 2017

At Sentara Urgent Care and Sentara Family Medicine Physicians

Remember the adage “Hope for the best, plan for the worst?”

Every year, visitors flock to the Outer Banks with one goal: to have a great time. Most people’s idea of a great time doesn’t include a trip to the doctor. And yet, during the summer, Sentara Urgent Care at Sentara Kitty Hawk sees close to 100 patients every day. In a shared location at Sentara Kitty Hawk, the experienced care teams at Sentara Urgent Care and Sentara Family Medicine Physicians provide quality treatments for non-emergent injuries or illnesses to get you back to enjoying your vacation!
Hopefully, your vacation is nothing but the best. But, just in case the worst decides to show up, there are a few things the folks at Sentara would like you to know.   
Keep the worst from happening in the first place

Dr. Leslie DeLigio, DNP, FNP-C, a family nurse practitioner at Sentara Urgent Care, has lived and worked on the Outer Banks for more than 30 years. In her time on the beach, she’s seen visitors struggle with the same issue again and again.

“We will be happy to see patients at any time; however, if you have an illness before you travel, try to get it checked by your primary care provider before you leave,” says Dr. DeLigio.
Dr. Kerry Partis, from Sentara Family Medicine Physicians at Sentara Kitty Hawk, agrees. “As a primary care physician, I encourage my patients to see me before they leave for vacation if they think something is wrong,” says Dr. Partis. “Visitors to the Outer Banks should do the same. Their primary care provider at home can help treat any illnesses before their vacation, hopefully keeping them well and enjoying a great time on the Outer Banks! There are also some tips you should follow as a visitor, such as always remembering to wear sunscreen and bringing along enough medications for your entire trip.”

When should I go to Urgent Care?

“The best thing patients can do is go to the right place first,” says Dr. DeLigio. “Urgent Care is for patients with minor illnesses or injuries such as fish hook injuries, jellyfish stings, sunburn, flu or cold symptoms, urinary tract infections, cuts, ear pain and sore throats.”
“If you have chest pain, dizziness or any form of internal bleeding, then you need to go directly to the emergency room,” says Dr. Partis. “However, if you live here on the Outer Banks and can be seen by your primary care provider, then that is your best option. Many times, my practice offers same day sick appointments for patients, so I can see them if something comes up unexpectedly.” 

Saving you time with technology

If you find your way into a jellyfish’s embrace, have no fear, you can get treatment quickly at Sentara Urgent Care. Just go to www.SentaraUrgentCare.com  and reserve your spot in line. Then, just come in at your requested time and be seen. Of course, walk-ins are always welcome! So if that’s what you choose, you can find the current wait time on the site as well.

For primary care appointments with Sentara Family Medicine Physicians in Kitty Hawk or Manteo, you can schedule an appointment online by visiting www.iwantsentaramedicalgroup.com. 

At Sentara Kitty Hawk, you can expect a bit more

At Sentara Kitty Hawk, the urgent care and primary care teams work together in collaboration to ensure both visitors and locals receive quality care. At Sentara Urgent Care, Dr. DeLigio works with Maggie Dawson, FNP-C, a family nurse practitioner who has been caring for patients on the Outer Banks for more than 10 years, and Krissi Williams, PA-C, a physician assistant in the urgent care field who grew up on the Outer Banks. Dr. Partis works at the Sentara Family Medicine Physicians practice in Kitty Hawk, but this practice also has a location in Manteo with Dr. Warren Blackburn and Denise Griggs, NP, providing care to patients there.
“By going to either Sentara Urgent Care or Sentara Family Medicine Physicians, patients benefit from electronic medical records that are shared amongst the providers. If my patient needs to go to Sentara Urgent Care, I can see this visit in their medical record for future follow-up if needed,” says Dr. Partis. “They also benefit from a team that collaborates and works well together. Our number one priority is patient care.” 

Sentara is proud to now offer both primary care and urgent care services to locals and visitors on the Outer Banks. Nobody wants to visit the doctor while on vacation. But if you do, at least you can be sure that you’re going to the right place if you visit Sentara Urgent Care. 

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