Vacationing Made Easy

By Hannah Lee Leidy

Whether you’re looking for an isolated cottage for a weekend escape with your sweetie or an oceanfront palace to house and entertain the entire family for a week, there are different qualities you look for when choosing a vacation rental. But how do you hone in on the best one for you? With Shoreline OBX, the emphasis is on quality over quantity. With a selective collection of 80 rentals, you’ll find distinctive homes instead of an overwhelming number of similar properties to choose from.

And Shoreline’s employees are committed to helping you find that just right vacation home — the one with your name on it. For 14 years the folks at this family-owned business have dedicated themselves to fostering personal connections between their close-knit company and clients. They listen to what you want out of an Outer Banks vacation rental, then they match you up with the perfect fit. It’s vacationing made easy! 

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About the Author Hannah Lee Leidy
Hannah Lee Leidy is a senior at Kenyon College in Ohio, where she studies English literature and fiction writing. She was born and raised on the Outer Banks and dreams of drives along the Beach Road and Duck’s Cottage’s coffee when she’s landlocked in Ohio. When not working for O​uter Banks This Week​ or on her major, Hannah Lee works in the radio, newspaper, and The Kenyon Review and spends too much time in coffee shops.