Why Wait for the Town of Duck?

By Katrina Mae Leuzinger | Monday, March 27, 2017

What do you love about summer? The feel of warm sand between your toes? The cool breeze filled with the smell of salt from the ocean? How about a tropical drink sipped while watching the sun set over the water or perusing a quaint local shop on the boardwalk in search of the perfect vacation keepsake?

Well, why wait for summer when you can have all of that right now? There’s a reason why spring is the favorite season for locals of the Town of Duck. The restaurants are serving up fresh-caught seafood without the wait for a table, the many shops are open and ready to provide a level of personal attention to patrons that can’t be done in the summer, the rates for the hotels and rental homes are lower and the beach and the waterfront boardwalk can be freely enjoyed during some of the best weather we see all year, without all that pesky traffic. So forget putting off your vacation for months and come enjoy the small town charm of Duck now. We’re here happily anticipating your arrival.