Slow Fishin, but We Had a Large Time!

Bite Me Sportfishing Charters, Slow fishin, but we had a large time!
Friday, August 10, 2018
Offshore from Oregon Inlet
Offshore from Hatteras Inlet
Offshore from Ocracoke Inlet

Well, we finally had a pretty day, unfortunately fishing was still a little on the slow side.

Our fathers and sons crew today made the best of it and had a large time.

We started out bottom fishing, we were in a really good spot but they just were not biting for us.

We went on the troll in hopes for the best and found some luck.

2-3 on wahoos, released a barracuda, by Jack. Caught a king mack.

Had to call Batman.


Tried to floss us up a bite too!


Thanks to Nathan, I enjoyed a break on the ride home.


Thanks guys, great to have you on board the bite me.