Tunas Tunas Tunas!

Bite Me Sportfishing Charters, Tunas Tunas Tunas!
Sunday, October 2, 2016
Offshore from Oregon Inlet
Offshore from Hatteras Inlet
Offshore from Ocracoke Inlet

Tuna Tuna Tuna.

Our crew was in the meat today with a big mess of yellowfins and Black fins, mostly yellowfins.

We set out this morning and had several bonita bites and a couple of blackfin bites, but I kinda had a hunch that we should head up to the east.

talked to an oregon inlet boat who was fishing south east of the tower and got confirmation!

Hit the reset butting with a 20 minute jog up the line and we were in the meat the rest of the day with several multiples!

Thanks guys!