Wood-Fired Pizza

Black Pelican Oceanfront Restaurant, Wood-Fired Pizza
Lunch pizzas are about 5 inches. Dinner size pizzas are about 9 inches and available for the hearty appetite. NOW AVAILABLE… Gluten Free 10” Crust upon request…. House Cheeses consist of fontina, gruyere, mozzarella, romano and parmesan blend. Choose from: Classic Pepperoni, White Seafood, Aloha, Landlovers, Margherita, Chesapeake, Greek, Bar-B-Que, Black Pelican, Primavera, Florentine, Five Cheese, or Create Your Own Pizza.
Lunch 6.25, Dinner 11.25

Black Pelican Oceanfront Restaurant

3898 N. Virginia Dare Trail
Milepost 4 on the Beach Road
Kitty Hawk
(252) 261-3171