Wood-Fired Pizza

Black Pelican Oceanfront Restaurant, Wood-Fired Pizza
Lunch pizzas are about 5 inches. Dinner size pizzas are about 9 inches and available for the hearty appetite. NOW AVAILABLE… Gluten Free 10” Crust upon request…. add 3.00 to dinner pizza price. House Cheeses consist of fontina, gruyere, mozzarella, romano and parmesan blend. Choose from: Classic Pepperoni, White Seafood, Aloha, Landlovers, Margherita, Chesapeake, Greek, Bar-B-Que, Black Pelican, Primavera, Florentine, Five Cheese, or Create Your Own Pizza.
Lunch 6.25, Dinner 11.25

Black Pelican Oceanfront Restaurant

3898 N. Virginia Dare Trail
Milepost 4 on the Beach Road
Kitty Hawk
(252) 261-3171