Adventure for the Whole Family

Corolla Wild Horse Tours, Adventure for the Whole Family

Our knowledgeable guides have the ability to talk to you while on the tour. This will give you the chance to learn both area history plus details of the Corolla Wild Horse story. Please ask them lots of questions and keep them honest! The tours take two hours and will cover 25 miles of off road cruising. We will take you behind the dunes into the neighborhoods where the horses graze. The horses have 7,500 acres to roam and are in small harems that will have 3-6 horses per grouping. Generally we see the horses out grazing or cooling off by the water. Currently we have around a hundred horses roaming Carova Beach.

Age limit: 
All Ages
Pre-registration required

Where is the activity?

Corolla Wild Horse Tours (See address and directions on the rightbelow)

Corolla Wild Horse Tours

1159 F Austin Street
(252) 207-0511