Tuna Time on Fishin Fannatic

Fishin' Fannatic, Tuna Time on Fishin Fannatic
Saturday, June 2, 2018
Offshore from Oregon Inlet

What a great day offshore today.  We had Patrick and the gang from  NC out with us.  We were in the meat all day.  As soon as the baits were out, bam, fish on.  We also had a nice big eye on for over an hour and unfortunately he managed to pull the hook, but what a fight!  We ended up with a box full of tuna - sushi for all!,  We have a few openings left next week, don't miss out!  www.fishinfannatic.com, #fishinfannatic, #outerbanksfishing, #oregoninletfishing, #obxfishing, #tunafishing

Fishin' Fannatic

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