3 Guys That Got Taught Spanish

Wanchese Fishing Charters, 3 Guys that got taught Spanish
Tuesday, July 2, 2019
Inshore from Oregon Inlet
Jim Davidson gave me a call from my side said he wanted to go fishing with a couple buddies I told him wonderful so we set up a time and went fishing. It was afternoon on Tuesday July 2nd it was a slight 10 mile an hour south wind that just put enough Breeze to enjoy the shade before the boat turned around and went the other way and you had to sit in the sun regardless there Refreshments kept them happy. The fleet did well that day located the Spanish mackerel and it was good for the Pickens. The guys had a blast and it weren't a massacre but it was a slow Slaughter every other pass we hook one or two and it kept you guys busy and they seem to have a wonderful time. They were very fun bunch so it's always what they got and I enjoy having parties like that so if you haven't been fishing lately give the crew from the fishing taxi of call and let us take you fishing God bless

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