Fall and Winter Equals King Mackerel

Wanchese Fishing Charters, Fall and winter equals king mackerel
Wednesday, November 11, 2020
Inshore from Oregon Inlet
sorry I can't put a picture on here for some odd reason it's just not working but if you could see it you would see some of the prettiest King mackerel you've ever seen. Fall and winter yes that means the Heats going away that means Spanish mackerel or not so easy to get near shore that means king mackerel or getting close to the beach. Although you will probably have to take a 6-hour trip to make the trip worthwhile but if you decide to do that and you get a nice enough day that you can actually go out to catch king mackerel there is nothing any more fun than you ever be able to do. I'm talkin a 36-inch fish ranging from 25 lb to 50 lb. Depending on how hook and catch is depending on what kind of fight you going to get so you cannot beat this for $900 going 9 miles off the beach for 6 hours and having a wonderful time from the crew of the fishing Taxi give us a call let us give you something to brag to your friends about. And God bless stay safe out there!

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