Fishing Dates for the Grandparents

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019
Inshore from Oregon Inlet
We had two wonderful couples on the boat today. They were from New York and this happened to be their second trip out with us. Last year they brought the grandkids caught good amounts of fish and we're very happy with the decision of going fishing so this year they decided to do it on their own. Although it wasn't the biggest catch that we've had they said from the beginning that they just wanted enough for dinner tonight. We had a few throwback and missed some false albacore that I was trying to get them so they could have a good fight but all in all it was a wonderful trip and I really enjoyed my time listening to their stories and their Adventures that they've had over the years. When I see couples like this and still having just as much fun as ever I know that there is definitely a God that wants us to be happy with our lives on this Earth for great things will come in the next life from the crew of the fishing taxi tight lines and God bless!

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