No Such Thing as Handicap

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Wednesday, July 31, 2019
Inshore from Oregon Inlet
We had a special group on the boat today we're very special and the young man with him also seem to have a blast. Do fathers that accompany them did all they could make sure that the kids had a good time but the fish just helped out everything. Getting away from the fleet we headed out to a special place it's been doing pretty good for the last few days. After arriving there we found schools of false Albacore everywhere it was such a good thing to see all the polls go down when we went by. All kinds of great things were happening the kids in the special ones did a wonderful job handling themselves with the big fish after getting as many as we wanted to keep them then we move further over and call a very nice Spanish Chapel one of the biggest I've ever seen. Then after leaving that we ended up in the special hole in drop down some lines so all the kids catch a shark and everybody had a blast. I'd like to think that it's all the boat captain in the mate but it's not God has a lot to do with it just shows special ones the time of their life and I'm quite sure this will be a memory second their head for a long time. Ending up with nine false albacore one very big Spanish mackerel and we threw back the five Sharps that we call it was a wonderful day from the crew of the fishing Taxi tightlines and God bless

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