Two Dads Two Kids and a Whole Lot of Fish

Fishing Taxi Sportfishing, Two Dads two kids and a whole lot of fish
Monday, July 22, 2019
Inshore from Oregon Inlet
We started out today watching spinning sharks hitting Bay with no luck of catching one we moved on down the beach. After a long hunt we located a lot of birds and got into a fishing Frenzy. We had 5 poles out with for Anglers and they couldn't real it in fast enough. After a Time. Have about an hour and 20 minutes they were tired of catching Spanish mackerel. So we moved off the beach and that's where we hooked into a real nice kingfish that strip my real in later got off the line. During the troll in deeper water we ended up hooking three false Albacore in about six more Spanish it was a trip to remember. With the grand total of 42 Spanish mackerel in three false Albacore that's a wonderful fishing trip.

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