What's the Chances

Wanchese Fishing Charters, What's the chances
Wednesday, July 1, 2020
Inshore from Oregon Inlet
Just like so many times these gentlemen climbed on board and said I want a big fish. Although me explaining that going after a big fish on a 4 hour trip could be costly but they didn't mind. They said this trip is for the boys which each one of them had their sons with him. So taking their advice on what they wanted to do with their trip and how they wanted to spend their time I took them out to the deep and we set the lines out. Shortly after getting the baits in the water our first bite happened and it was a king mackerel then about 20 minutes after that we had a second bite it was Albacore the other young boy got to reel it in and then to finish it off we had two more out of course for each gentleman to reel in so is it turned out this was one of those trips that everybody got the reel in a big fish what's the chances of that happening too many times in a row. If you want to reel in your big fish give us a try give us a call from the crew of the fishing taxi tightlines and God bless!

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