When Rough Is Too Rough for the Youngins

Wanchese Fishing Charters, When rough is too rough for the youngins
Tuesday, July 7, 2020
Inshore from Oregon Inlet
It started out like any other trip Two Dads carrying a full kids out fishing in the ocean. With a Southeast wind at 12 Mi an hour it was a little choppy and wanted a little girls ended up getting sick. And that's the reason why halfway to trip I went down and talked to the fathers and said that we could go on the inside on the sound in the water would be much calmer and everybody can enjoy catching a fish. Even though there is nothing to brag about with the small fish that we caught in the sand I saw kids laughing and giggling and Dad smiling and taking pictures I don't know about anybody else but that's pretty Priceless to me from the captain of the fishing Taxi tight lines give us a call let's take you fishing

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