Outer Banks Restaurants | Great Plates

Outer Banks restaurants come in every style and with a multitude of flavors. And every one of them has a Great Plate. What's a Great Plate, you might ask? It's a specialty of the house; it's something the chef puts together that's, sometimes, not on the main menu but is not to be missed; it's, well ... great! If you know this area, you already know that Outer Banks restaurants are known to be well above average. Even our burger joints are better than what you find in many cities. And with all the fresh seafood that swims onto our plates here, we are certainly known for that! The Great Plates you'll find here often make exceptional use of the fruits of the sea. But, as you can also see when you browse the oft-changing list below, Southern-leaning cuisine, breakfast food, pizza, apps, desserts and specialty drinks even make it onto the Great Plates category. You can be assured that if an Outer Banks restaurant owner has given items on their menu this status, you should be the willing taste tester! Happy eating.

Since you can search the Outer Banks restaurant Great Plates by destination, you can easily check out all the ones that are offered where you live or vacation. But, since one of life's great pleasures is culinary, why not peruse all the Great Plate here and see what turns up your taste buds, no matter where the restaurant is! You can let food be the guide to help you explore other parts of the Outer Banks!