Prost Colony - Oktoberfest Popup Event!

Come enjoy Oktoberfest with us 7 days a week! 

In Germany, only beers brewed within the city limits of Munich can legally be labeled as an “Oktoberfest” beer. Since “Oktoberfest” is a geographically protected term, any other similar märzen-style beers brewed outside of Munich must get creative with their labelling — most choosing to use the term “Festbier” instead.
At the annual celebration in Munich, there are only six breweries that can produce “Oktoberfest” beer:
🍺 Augustiner-Bräu
🍺 Hacker-Pschorr
🍺 Löwenbräu
🍺 Paulaner
🍺 Spaten
🍺 Hofbräu
FIVE of those six authentic Oktoberfest beers will begin pouring at the tavern for our annual Oktoberfest event which runs concurrent with the festival in Munich, through Tuesday, October 3 (sorry, Lōwenbräu is not currently available in North Carolina).
In addition, the beer monkeys over at Lost Colony Brewery have been hard at work crafting a very special German-style lager that is EXCLUSIVELY available at Lost Colony Tavern: “Monkey’s Dunkel!” While Lost Colony Brewery's specialty is creating British & Irish ales, they produce this lager only once a year specifically for this event, and once you taste it you’ll understand why it outsells every other beer we serve!
Of course, just like last year, we’ll be offering a special menu of the traditional Bavarian dishes served at Oktoberfest, and our entire staff will be dressed in dirndls and lederhosen as we bring MUNICH TO MANTEO for 18 days. Don’t miss out on experiencing our most popular event of the year!
Days of the week: 

Lost Colony Tavern

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