What a Difference a Day Makes!

Miss Oregon Inlet II Head Boat Fishing, What a Difference A Day Makes!
Saturday, June 10, 2017
Inshore from Oregon Inlet

There was certainly better action today aboard the Miss Oregon Inlet! Lines went in and were back up within seconds with some great catches! Anglers were pulling in nice sea mullet, flounder, croaker, blues, spot, pinfish, pigfish, perch, and puffers! There were some great keepers today with some good weights in those catch bags going home this morning!

We really want to take you fishing! Grab your sunscreen, cooler, and a hat and let's go! Advanced purchase is strongly recommended as trips can sell out fast this time of year. Purchase your tickets in advance by phone 1-800-272-5199 or online at www.missoregoninlet.com! Come on! What are you waiting for??!

Miss Oregon Inlet II Head Boat Fishing

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