Corolla Fish Report

Monday, May 16, 2022
Offshore from Oregon Inlet
Inshore from Oregon Inlet
Corolla to Nags Head Piers
Corolla to Nags Head Surf
Corolla to Nags Head Sound

   Well, we do have some nice weather finally. As you can see in the pictures above we have people petting the wild horses Not A Good Idea!! and it is against the law not to mention the people that want to feed them. They are not domesticated and feeding them will KILL Them as we do lose several horses a year due to the ignorance of some people and you cant get close to them. These are the same kind of people that go to Wyoming and try standing next to the bison or going to Yellow stone and standing next to the elk and wonder why they get gored, go figure.

As far as the fishing is going it is slow at this time but we are starting to get some information. To the south of us, we did hear of a good mullet bite and we did have one report of some fish coming into the north of us. As the water starts to clean up we should see the fishing improve. The pier fishing has also been fairly decent so a good option at this time. I don't see any boat reports this morning but the fishing is good. We will keep you up to date as best as we can and we thank you.

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