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Wednesday, August 17, 2022
Offshore from Oregon Inlet
Inshore from Oregon Inlet
Corolla to Nags Head Piers
Corolla to Nags Head Surf
Corolla to Nags Head Sound

  Windy Wednesday. Well, it isn't a great beach day with the northeast wind today but tomorrow is looking much better. One thing for sure out here is you can't rely on your phone for good weather. I had people scheduled for yesterday on charters that panicked because they thought the weather was going to be bad, guess what we moved them to today per their request and they got canceled and yesterday was beautiful. Just food for thought.
  Very slow today at the beach not only windy but a strong rip current is all along the beach making it hard to stick to the bottom so I did not hear a word from anyone today but they are still trying their best. The piers did not really light up either today. Boaters having the best action. Up here in Corolla on the sound, there has been some good fishing with a good mix of fish. One of the charters had sheepshead and trout plus whatever else they caught and it was pretty much nonstop action on their trip they came in to say thanks for the trip and get a fillet knife to cut up some dinner. Nearshore boats brought back ribbons and a bunch of Spanish today with a few albacore and bluefish. Offshore had some nice tuna, mahi, and wahooooo with sailfish and blue marlin.
  The new contest is pay with any paper money with a star at the end of the serial number and receive 10% off your total. I have posted a picture of one for example in case you have never noticed one.  Today I handed some out in change so they are out there in someone's hand. We will keep the bill so we can recirculate it to someone else and of course deduct it from the total. It's just that easy so check your bills you may have one and not even know it. Good Luck!!

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