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OBX Bait and Tackle Corolla Outer Banks, Spring Sale
Saturday, July 6, 2019
Offshore from Oregon Inlet
Inshore from Oregon Inlet
Corolla to Nags Head Piers
Corolla to Nags Head Surf
Corolla to Nags Head Sound

  Fish, Fish and more Fish!! That is what is happening in Corolla. We have had great weather and conditions for the past couple of weeks and the fishing is great. This time of the year the fish aren't the big ones but there are plenty to catch and enjoy a great time on the beach and a BBQ in the evening. 
  I want to give a shout out to the photo above. Payton on the left and Carson in the middle and a man I only know as Mr. Grant. Long story short. I get chronic bronchitis on the busiest week of the season and this man wants to get a charter and have his kids catch fish that's all he wanted, and I could tell he was genuine by the way he spoke. We only had a couple of spots left and I put him on what I thought would be a good choice of boats for his size of party. People come in and see me texting on the phone and think I am fooling around. Nope I am sending out bookings. I got so slammed in the shop I missed getting Mr. Grants booking out. Well I don't have to tell you I freaked out and called in some favors and got him a spot on another boat. Brandon aboard the Little Shell took them out and from what I understand they had a great time and the best news is they caught fish. I am omitting a lot from the whole story but Grant I know what you did and I think you made the captains day, even when you didn't have too. I know most people won't understand the story but I still think you deserve a best dad of the year award but also one for being a genuine human being.  It's folks like you that put a smile on my face at the end of the day and my wife and I  try very hard to make sure folks are taken care of at this shop. I look forward to shaking your hand and meeting the kids when you back next year.
  As far as the fishing news goes there are tons of mullet out there along with a bunch of Spanish and bluefish. Lot's of bait in the water and glass minnows everywhere. Too many fish to list and frankly a waste of time. The best info I can give is you can't do much wrong. The fish are eating just about all the bait we have and lures are working as well, and I mean any kind of lure. There are no secret lures or bait!!  Squid is working very well along with bloodworm, fish bites. Standard bottom rigs rigged with #2 hooks and 2 to 3 oz. weights should get the job done. Light tackle is key here, so you won't need heavy tackle and keep your cast short the fish are in close to the beach. There is a good bite in the mornings and very good late afternoon till sunset.

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