Swap Days

This Event has no scheduled dates at this time. It last occurred on Wednesday, May 22, 2024.
Ocean Air Sports, Swap Days
Event Description: 

Due to popular demand, we'll be running swap days once per week on the front lawn at Ocean Air Sports in April and part of May. The swaps will take place on the first no-wind (nice weather) day of each week (Mon-Fri).

- Ocean Air will not charge any fees for the gear you sell at the swap.  

- YOU are fully responsible for the gear you have for sale.  Bring the gear and set up the day of the swap.  Bring all of your unsold gear home with you afterwards.  

- Mike Burns will be here each Swap Day with new Severne Windsurfing gear to check out and chat about during the swap.

- Great opportunity to hang out, meet some new friends and chat about the incredible sessions from the windy days prior.   Since the swaps will always be on a no-wind day, you will not miss a great session by attending the swap :-)

Where is the event?

Ocean Air Sports (See address and directions on the rightbelow)

Ocean Air Sports

39450 N.C. Highway 12
(252) 995-5000