The Crew

Fishing Boat & Captain

The Reibel brothers have been fishing most their lives. Jamie Reibel cast his first line in 1969 on a trip to the Outer Banks with his father. He moved to the island full time in 1987 and quickly found a job as mate on the Phideaux. He retained that post until he purchased the vessel in 1995. Captain Jamie and his brother Jeff have manned the Phideaux together ever since. 

Jamie and Jeff grew up in Raleigh and both graduated from East Carolina University. They are family men through and through. Jamie is married to Abbey and they have a daughter named Waverly. Jeff is married to Anne. They have a son named Owen and a daughter named Katherine Paige. The whole crowd can sometimes be seen on the dock in the afternoon.


Jamie Reibel & Jeff Reibel

Phideaux Fishing

4457 Mill Landing Rd
(252) 473-8051