Daily Fishing Report

TW’s Bait & Tackle, Daily Fishing Report
Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Offshore from Oregon Inlet
Inshore from Oregon Inlet
Corolla to Nags Head Piers
Corolla to Nags Head Surf
Corolla to Nags Head Sound

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In Summary:


Surf Fishing Report:

The day turned out to be much better than expected and there were fish. Today might be a different story. It has been said the Outer Banks will get 4 inches of rain. Sea Mullet were plentiful and there were citations. Some Black Drum and Puppies were also caught. Bluefish were at the point and a couple of citation Drum.  

I have a great picture of Drum this morning. The picture was taken by Devon Cage on the Poacher. I thank Kevin Miggels for sending the picture.

The winds are NE at 12 and the water temp is 64 degrees. Rain, windy, choppy swell.


Sound Fishing Report:

The Little Bridge on the Nags Head/Manteo causeway reported no report.


Pier Fishing Report:
Avalon: Slow

Nags Head: Sea Mullet, Puffer, Sand Perch and small Trout.

Jennette’s: Slow.

Outer Banks: Slow.


Inshore Boats/nearshore Report:

Inshore anglers decked Sea Mullet, sound Stripers, keeper Flounder and Puppy Drum. Found no Cobia. Nearshore did not find Cobia either but caught Bluefish, Albacore and Blacktip Shark. The Headboat caught Sea Mullet, Flounder, Puffers, Croaker and Spot.


Offshore Boats Report:
The fleet caught good numbers of Yellowfin including some citations weighing up to 100 lbs. Also some mammoth Big-eye ranging from 126 lbs to 179. There were plenty of Sharks and also Billfish releases.