Discover Duck On Foot

By Sandy Semans | Thursday, July 5, 2018

Duck isn’t only a beach town, it’s a place to experience much more than the ocean. The best way to see its offerings? Strolling or biking through the Village’s commercial district. Few would consider touring Paris by car, and the same holds true for this quaint yet hip village.

The town’s Pedestrian Plan Phase 1 is nearing completion along the east side of N.C. Highway 12 and has resulted in more sidewalks, marked bike lanes and better drainage. And for safety’s sake, crosswalks and markings have been updated to make it easier to access the west side of the road. Landscaped gateway medians welcome visitors to a special place. Plantings now create a visual and physical separation between the bike lane and the sidewalk. 

Combined with the existing sound side boardwalk, visitors can more easily explore shops, restaurants and event offerings throughout town. Take a nature stroll, head to the beach, launch a kayak or enjoy the Town Park all without ever revving up the car’s engine.

Whether the destination is to dine, shop, practice Yoga on the Green or attend the Jazz Festival, the stroll there is part of the Duck experience.


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