Discovering the Ultimate Hidden Treasure

By Heather Frese | Thursday, June 15, 2017

When we think of treasure along the Outer Banks, our minds usually run to pirate ships and gold doubloons, but at Salvo’s newest shop the gem referenced in the name Hidden Treasures is Earth herself and the gifts she offers for healing. Essential oils drawn from flowers and herbs calm or energize our bodies. Stones, gems and crystals bring us back to our roots, and each comes with a card inscribed with their metaphysical meaning. Shells keep us connected to the calmness we feel at the ocean and remind us of our relationship to the sea.
The owner of Hidden Treasures, Jeanie Taft, is a longtime Reiki practitioner and formerly taught seminars on accessing your inner healer, so you’re in good hands when looking for a spiritual connection to the earth at this shop. She offers metaphysical books and anchors the more mystical elements with local interest books, natural stone jewelry and local art. Life by the sea reminds us of the interconnection of nature and our spiritual selves, and you can take a little bit of that resonance home with you at Hidden Treasures. 

Hidden Treasures Shop logo(252) 987-5035  |  26651 N.C. Highway 12, Salvo