Go to Your Happy Place

By Janna Dimmig | Thursday, March 26, 2015

The food is fun – as in jambalaya, steamed seafood, ribs, salads, burgers and sandwiches and a rocking kid’s menu. And the fun is FUN – as in entertainment every night in the form of live music, karaoke (including live band karaoke), trivia with friends and a DJ dance party. Sundogs is the place to be in Corolla for great food during the day and happening  entertainment at night. And, if you’re a sports fan who likes to commune with other crazies during games, the 13 TVs and one giant screen TV that takes up the better part of a wall will keep you all howling and happy...along with the staff that has as great a time as you do! Well, ok, the full bar and chalkboard full of beer and wine options might add to the good mood. We think their T-shirt describes their vibe perfectly: a dog wearing sunglasses with the slogan A Sunny Place for Shady People. But, really, they’re the nicest shady people you’re likely to encounter anywhere.


(252) 453-GAME
807 Ocean Trail, Monterey Plaza, Corolla