Outer Banks Articles & Shorts - Issue 19: Spring 2019

Publisher's Letter

Hi folks.

Happy Spring.

Have you ever pondered the many uses of the word spring in our vernacular? As always, writing these Publishers letters gives me think time. Here goes:

Spring up. Spring forward. Spring back. Spring green. Spring chicken. Spring to mind. Spring a leak. Spring into action. Spring for. Spring to life. Spring to attention. Spring in your step. Spring from. Spring clean.

Then there’s Spring Fever.

That’s the one that rolls off everyone’s vibes that I’m around these days. I, being the cold-weather lover that I am, secretly roll my eyes and internally stomp my foot over the horrible slight that we got no snow this year. But I know I’m out-numbered. All the “Only ___ more days til Spring” posts of Facebook, all the “Man, I can’t wait for 80° days” comments. Whatever.

But I will acknowledge that it’s exciting to see the Outer Banks coming back to full functioning status during Spring. Many beloved restaurants open back up after a winter hiatus, and those that sustained us through the cold (thank you!) entice us in with new Spring menus. Shops extend their hours and display the marvelous new warm weather merchandise on their shelves. Lots of outdoor adventures begin anew. Reservations for our hotels, rental homes, B&Bs and campgrounds start pouring in. And, yes, the warming breezes and all the flowers that start popping out of the ground are very nice.

Ok, ok … seeing friends emerge from winter hibernation is great too. So is going walking or running without four extra layers. And I have to give a nod to being able to get back out on the boat or onto the golf course. Then there’s the ability to throw open the windows and stop seeing power bills that make you want to faint. Spring gardens. Spring yard work. Spring beauty.

You got me. Hope springs eternal … even for a winter diehard.

Welcome back, Spring. We appreciate all you bring.



A Vision Reimagined

By Hannah Lee Leidy
An old-school inn on the sound in Manteo has found a new groove. The Burrus House Inn at Manteo began operation back in 2005. Before then, part of the current building served as the home of then-owner Jack Burrus. He built the original cottage in 1976 and over the years added more rooms and features. During Burrus’... Read More

Finding Freedom

By Molly Harrison
Safe Havens from Slavery on the Outer Banks If you’ve spent even a little time on the Outer Banks, you’ve heard about the trials of the early English colonies and the Lost Colony, the origins of the Spanish mustangs, the success of the Wright brothers’ 1903 flight and maybe even the harrowing life-saving efforts in... Read More

Spring Dreams

By Molly Harrison
Spring is the perfect time for a visit to Cameron House Inn, a lovingly restored Arts and Crafts bungalow in Manteo on Roanoke Island. Nestled in the heart of downtown Manteo, Cameron House Inn is an ideal home base for a springtime Outer Banks getaway. You could easily spend all of your vacation time on Roanoke... Read More

Where Outer Banks History Meets Modern Tastes

By Molly Harrison
One of the northern Outer Banks’ hidden gems is Historic Corolla Village, a charming collection of shops and eateries nestled among live oaks just north of Currituck Beach Lighthouse. A highlight of the village is a sweet little shop called Spry Creek. Deeply rooted Outer Banker Karen Scarborough Whitfield and her... Read More

Support Health and Wellness

By Hannah Lee Leidy
Spending time on the Outer Banks is often about recharging yourself. Connect with the ocean, breathe in that sea-salty air and restore your balance. When considering the area’s alternative health practitioners, from yoga studios to massage therapists, be sure to include House of Hemp OBX on your list. House of Hemp... Read More