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Outer Banks information comes in many forms, but there’s no better way to learn it than through conversations with a local. The OuterBanksThisWeek.com blog is that local friend…even if you already live here! Every week, Hannah Lee Leidy gives the run down on Outer Banks activities, Outer Banks events, Outer Banks shopping – all the Outer Banks information needed to ensure that you have the best possible experience. And she does it in a conversational way that’s easy to read and entertaining. Outer Banks activities are numerous, and this blog gives you an insider’s scoop to help you plan your day. She leads you to all the Outer Banks events you won’t want to miss – sports, annual functions and holiday festivities. She gives you her input on the most exciting Outer Banks activities – the ones she loves, the ones she thinks you should love. If anything exciting or out-of-the-ordinary is happening during your visit – and there definitely will be something – this blog is your trusty guide to figuring out the whats, whens and wheres.

Nightlife, for example, is detailed here – what band is playing where, which scene is wild, which is chill. Festivals are also described – the ones that are old and loved and the ones that are new and anticipated. The amount of Outer Banks information offered here will keep you busy and in the know. You can find out what would be fun for you, your family or even your pets.

A fun touch of this blog is its conversational element. Hannah Lee always wants to hear from you! In fact, reader input can influence the basis of her next blog’s focus. So if there’s a topic or question you’re craving an answer for, let her know. Sit a spell and read through present and past OuterBanksThisWeek.com blogs. With all the Outer Banks information detailed for you, you’ll be the trusted source to all your friends!

Featured Blog

Everything You Need to Know about Currituck's Mainland

By Hannah Lee Leidy | Wednesday, June 13, 2018
We all love being on the beach, yes, I know. That said, changing up the scenery never hurt anyone, and you don’t even have to go to great lengths to do so. The Currituck County mainland grows more and more popular among visitors and residents each year, attracting people with its fun activities and showcased samples... Read More

Earth, Wind and Water on the Outer Banks

By Hannah Lee Leidy | Tuesday, September 5, 2017
Have you ever wondered if your talents are better suited to the sky or sea? Probably not. But don’t let that stop you from exploring your abilities, which is exactly what you can do this week on the Outer Banks as competitions invite you to show off your skills with a rod or with aerial stunts. Or maybe you feel the... Read More

Savoring Summer on Labor Day Weekend

By Hannah Lee Leidy | Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Labor Day weekend is here. For some of us this time is a bit of a last hurrah for summer. From people squeezing in their visits to the Outer Banks before school begins to locals getting a day off to just enjoy some beachside leisure, this weekend makes the summertime freedom that we crave year-round accessible to... Read More

A Little Something for Everyone on the Outer Banks

By Molly Harrison | Wednesday, August 23, 2017
What’s everyone doing this week? That depends on who you ask. There’s so much going on around the Outer Banks that everyone can do their own thing. It all depends on your specific tastes and inclinations. With that in mind here are a few things I suggest, arranged by blatant stereotype. If you don’t fall into one of... Read More

Birthdays, Festivals and Figs — Outer Banks Points of Pride

By Hannah Lee Leidy | Tuesday, August 15, 2017
Various figures and objects play into the images of the Outer Banks towns we see today. Whether it’s Blackbeard for Ocracoke, the Wright brothers for Kill Devil Hills or Virginia Dare for Manteo, the towns welcome them as part of their history and continue to wrap these characters into the cultures they present today... Read More

Fishing, Festivals and Fun on the Outer Banks

By Hannah Lee Leidy | Tuesday, August 8, 2017
The Outer Banks is home to a strong community with a rich sense of culture, and accompanying that is a steady supply of annual events that celebrate both. These events are ones that people grow up with — some now even share the fun with their children. And you’re in for a treat this week, because we’re welcoming the... Read More