Outer Banks Events

Nowadays, no matter what time of year it is, you have so many Outer Banks events to choose from that you might get a little boggled! In “the old days” – let’s say those days stopped about 10 years ago – it was slim pickings from mid-fall until right before Easter if you were looking for something fun to do other than go to a movie or walk a wind-swept beach. But, the Outer Banks has become event-i-fied of late with cool happenings on the calendar every month. As you can see from our navigation, we’ve separated out Outer Banks events into Daytime, Nightlife, Annual and Community if you want to hone in on the specific type of fun you’re seeking (it’s just possible that, if you’re looking for the top-name band and a wild evening at a local hot spot, you might not need to know about the bingo event also happening that night). But it’s also possible that you’d like to be able to see every single Outer Banks event happening for a specific date. Shoot, who knows, maybe you’ll change your mind about that wild night and attend a lecture on marine life … it could happen, but only if you have ALL the options before you to make an informed decision.

Outer Banks Events of Every Description

Want to watch handcrafted aircraft designed around a keg of beer (empty!) try to take flight off a platform? Learn origami? Attend a lecture on courageous surfmen who rescued hundreds from shipwrecks? Join friends to see a nationally known band? Go to the symphony? See the local high school play or football game? Go hear wolves howl? Go to a fun fair? Fish with a ranger or take a guided bird walk? Attend holiday-specific galas in your fancy outfits or grab lunch at a fundraising fish fry? There are Outer Banks events that cover all this activity and more. So, if you want to see every single option for fun you have while you’re here, you’ve come to the right place! And, if you’d rather only see what’s happening when the sun goes down or only when it’s shining, you have those options (below) too! 

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