Outer Banks Articles & Shorts - Issue 30: Spring 2023

It’s spring … but where in the heck was winter? Sure, we had a few cold days right around the holidays, but other than that, it’s been basically swedda weadda (if you’re not an SNL fan, look up this episode – hilarious). I know this thrills some of you, but a neighborhood full of blooming daffodils in mid-February made me feel like I was in a time warp: Did I sleep through that month and wake up in mid-March when we expect to see such signs of coming warmth?! Again, I know some of you readers are gleefully considering your bikinis and board shorts already, but there are those of us (perhaps a minority) who saw our dreams of snow fade as March marched on.

This actually got me thinking about the interesting differences in the perspectives of our fellow Outer Bankers. Some are sad to see another homogenizing, big box business open here; on the other side, I’ve heard there are locals who are actually taking the day off work to shop at Target on the grand opening. Some are hugely opposed to the development happening in Wanchese; others feel like housing is necessary no matter what.

This difference of opinions has actually always been active here. Years ago, there were many who vehemently fought against the establishment of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore; others saw it as the ultimate safeguard for the incredible wildness of this place. How many years has there been a back and forth about the proposed bridge linking Corolla to mainland Currituck? And who remembers the controversy decades ago about one larger high school or two on the northern Outer Banks?

Point is, and what kept me thinking, is that in some ways, while there seems to be a particular emotional reaction to differing perspectives lately, they’ve always been here (as in all other places, I’m sure, but due to our smaller community, perhaps we’re just more aware of it). This is no indictment of us as Outer Bankers or of our visitors. It’s simply human nature. Some of us feel passionately one way, and some of us feel just as passionately the opposite.

If neither side can be declared by some omnipotent authority as the so-called right one, can we look for commonalities? What can we all agree on about life on the Outer Banks? Here are some easy ones: This is an incredibly beautiful place; we enjoy top-notch restaurants; we have natural wonders and attractions that are world-class; we are a very generous group of people and help neighbors in need; we have Mother Ocean to dive into and a canopy of stars to marvel at; we have winds that cool us down and that also keep our air quality high. We have a whole lot to be grateful for.

I’m not suggesting that any of us stops standing up for our beliefs. But how about we all try to take rancor out and allow the energy of this incredible place be our backdrop for communicating.




Bridging the Waters

By Molly Harrison
Here on the barrier islands where the landscape is defined more by water than by land, bridges are a vital part of life. Of course they are necessary physical conveniences that help us get to and from the mainland and between the islands with ease. But the Outer Banks bridges are more than just concrete and steel... Read More

The Atlantic Effect

By Anonymous
In a world where we are constantly connected to digital information and feel the pressures of everyday life, it can be challenging to find moments of calmness and connection with our natural world, with others and even with ourselves. But upon staying at The Atlantic Inn, in the charming island town of Hatteras,... Read More

The Many Facets of Diamond Shoals

By Heather Frese
For Diamond Shoals, Hatteras Island’s classic family restaurant, 30 years in business is a milestone worth celebrating.  While Hatteras is a purely magical place to visit, it’s not the easiest place to run a business. Restaurants that manage to stay open on the island just a few years are considered a success, so if... Read More

Safe Harbor Outer Banks

By Molly Harrison
Whether you’re at the helm of your own boat or looking to get on the water, the Safe Harbor marina complex in Wanchese has everything you need. They take care of transient and local boaters with a ship’s store, fuel docks, bathhouses, wet slips for boats up to 70’ (including transient slips), dry storage and winter... Read More

The Legacy Continues

By Molly Harrison
Back in 2000 Outer Bankers witnessed the creation of Outer Banks Brewing Station, and over the next 23 years, we enjoyed every minute of its evolution into one of the most-loved eating and drinking establishments on the beach. The Brewing Station grew into not only an award-winning brewery and restaurant, but also a... Read More