Outer Banks Articles & Shorts - Issue 31: Summer 2023

Summer just couldn’t make up its mind this year, could it? It’s like the sun was scared to declare that it was time to shine. Who the heck ever heard of sweaters in the middle of June around here? But there it was. Locals adapted (and grumbled); visitors braved the chill with bathing suits anyway because it was, dang it, supposed to be hot. Well … it’s hot now and summer fun is in full swing.

Full swing means so many things. Our roads are packed, so just relax, don’t sweat the small stuff, be glad you’re here and that to one side of you is the calming sound and to the other is Mother Ocean. Restaurants will, almost certainly, have a long wait list, so grab a drink, people watch and be happy that you’re just about to eat the freshest and tastiest seafood you’ve ever had. Yep, that sand is going to be blistering hot, so wear shoes and carry your littles then run joyfully into that cool ocean water.

Be happy! It’s (finally) summer, you’re here and it’s time to enjoy that beach vibe you’ve waiting for all year.




The Reel Deal

By Tripp Harrison
The sound has a scent, a brackish, humid vibe that can best be experienced atop it, rather than only at its edge. And in this slice of heaven we call the Outer Banks, there is an ideal way to be atop this massive and truly living body of water – on a proven vessel with a seasoned crew and enough space for you to move... Read More

Just Add Water

By Anonymous
What’s the best way to experience Hatteras Island? Just add water. And Ocean Air Sports in Avon is just the place to do it. FAMILY-FRIENDLY TOURS The warm, shallow, calm waters of the Pamlico Sound are incredibly inviting for fun, safe watersports adventures. One of the easiest ways to get on the water is on a kayak... Read More

Celebrating Art and Life with Studio 12

By Heather Frese
Life can buffet us around, its storms and waves carrying us to unexpected places. But when we hang on, sometimes the currents deposit us exactly where we’re supposed to be. Studio 12, Avon’s favorite spot for art and coffee, has surfed the currents of change to transition from the passing of its beloved owner,... Read More

Christmas Spirit Meets Beach Vibes

By Heather Frese
Christmas. Say the word and those crisp syllables sing of a sense of joy, hope and happy expectation, of a whole lot of sparkle and a dose of magic and fun. And now say beach. We get relaxation, cool salty breezes, hues of coastal blues and tans and the bright warmth of the sun. And what do these two words have in... Read More

Journey to the Top

By Maggie Miles
When Meghann Pauls, one of the few longtime Corolla locals, returned home after graduating from college in 2002, she began waiting tables at JK’s Restaurant, a steak and seafood house in Corolla. Little did she know that one day she would be the owner of a restaurant in that very same building. After working in... Read More