Outer Banks Articles & Shorts - Issue 32: Fall/Winter 2023/24

I’m writing this letter from a porch overlooking majestic redwoods. The air is crisp, and the terrain on both sides rises sharply up. It’s an environment I’ve been wanting to experience for years, and it lives up to every hopeful expectation I’ve long held. Yesterday I was in the Napa Valley, happily visiting wineries and loving the Italy-like beauty of that area.

It’s wonderful to visit other places, both for the experience and for the comparison to home. And while I’m obviously not comparing apples to apples, I am aware of how deeply I love our Outer Banks. This place is lovely, and I appreciate being here. But I’ll also be very happy to come home.

I note how the Outer Banks is embedded in my psyche. The ocean runs in my veins, the open expense of the marshes clears my emotions. The horizon that never stops keeps my thoughts expanding.

We’re lucky, you know — those of us who live here and those who alight here for a short time. It’s easy to take this place for granted. We get used to the astonishing beauty that surrounds us. But maybe that’s one of the greatest aspects of leaving here, even for a few days. We can look with refreshed eyes and remember why we call this place home.




Hatteras Island: The Best of Both Worlds

By Molly Harrison
Stretched between Oregon and Hatteras inlets, Hatteras Island is a 50-mile-long island offering the rare and perfect combination of wild remoteness and all the things you need for the perfect vacation.  The majority of the island is undeveloped land, thanks to Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Interspersing this open... Read More

Holiday Magic at The Christmas Shop

By Heather Frese
The holidays are, as the song goes, the most wonderful time of the year. To get into a holiday frame of mind at any time of the year, The Christmas Shop in Manteo is the Outer Banks’ beloved holiday shopping destination. The Christmas Shop has been offering beachside holiday magic for more than 50 years, so they know... Read More

It Takes a Village

By Dianne Beard
Few sights are more breathtaking and unforgettable than a wild horse prancing in the Outer Banks surf, perched high on a dune or feeding quietly in a field. Banker horses have roamed freely on the Outer Banks for more than 500 years, since they were originally brought here by Spanish explorers. One of the two last... Read More

CBD: A Healing Game Changer

By Maggie Miles
Gina Elko’s journey with CBD, a healing compound in hemp that does not cause a psychoactive effect, began in 2016 after undergoing a bilateral knee surgery that forced her to retire from her 22-year career as a firefighter. This entry into the world of CBD would not only become an integral part of her healing process... Read More

A New Day for Avon’s Studio 12

By Heather Frese
A bright, pretty building alongside N.C. Highway 12 in Avon promises to turn you into an artist once you step inside. This is Studio 12, established by longtime owner Carolyn Schena. The creative atmosphere inside coupled with its delightful adjoining coffee shop made the studio a must-stop for both vacationers and... Read More