Outer Banks Articles & Shorts - Issue 6: Winter 2015


Welcome to winter. I’ve heard predictions that it’s going to be a snowy one. How many of you are thrilled with that idea? Who grumbles, “If I’d wanted the white stuff, I never would have moved here from (fill in the blank Northern area).” But, here’s the thing, you folks who don’t jump up and down when you see the first flake fall: Outer Banks snows, generally, last a day or two at the most, right? No shoveling of driveways, no mountains of dirty frozen stuff on the side of roads. Admit it — our snowfalls are just pretty. And, another thing. Spring often comes early here, followed by those blazing hot days of summer when you wish for…dare I say…snow! Well, at least, cold. As for this woman, I’m scanning the skies for any signs of laden gray clouds.

What are your off-season plans? Are you spending January in the islands somewhere? Catching up on long-needed sleep? Or, are you just appreciating having more time to run your business and plan for the season to quickly come?

Whatever you’re doing, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Keep your eyes on the sky!


Winters at Cameron House Inn

By Beth P. Storie
Winters are not lonely at Cameron House Inn, a lovingly restored Arts and Crafts bungalow bed and breakfast in Manteo. In fact, more and more, guests are discovering that the so-called quiet colder months are ideal for visiting. “That’s one of the reasons we stay open year round,” explains innkeeper, Jennifer Everette... Read More

We have Famous Local Writers Living right in our Midst!

By Beth P. Storie
Here are two of our favorite books.My Life Pile: A Compilation of Stories from the Lifetime of a Hunter/Gatherer, written by Vic Berg, was one of those books that I never expected to love. After all, I’m neither a hunter nor a gatherer. But Vic’s writing placed me in the blind, beside the dogs, behind the binoculars,... Read More

Sanderling Resort: Getting Better All The Time

By Lisa Loy
Sunsets in winter bathe the sky with the most vivid colors of the year, courtesy of the cooler air. Mirrored upon the waters of the Currituck Sound, our sunsets provide a dramatic backdrop to the thousands of migrating swan, geese and duck making their annual pilgrimage south along the Atlantic Flyway. And, the... Read More

Uncle Ike’s Sandbar & Grill; Corolla Banquets & Catering

By Beth P. Storie
Tucked away in the Corolla Light Town Center, Uncle Ike’s is considered a lucky find for visitors, especially in the off-season when more than a few restaurants have closed. If you don’t see it right off, just follow a local (you know, the folks who wear flip flops year ‘round). Chances are the trail will lead to this... Read More

Spring 2015 Taste of the Beach

By Beth P. Storie
Get ready, foodies!It’s happening again…and we can’t wait. 2015’s TOB will feature more than 50 events located from Corolla to Manteo! And, of course, the crowd favorites Outer Banks BBQ Showdown (3rd annual), the Chowder Cook-off and the Grand Tasting held at Pamlico Jack’s will be highlights. Making it all even... Read More