Outer Banks Articles & Shorts - Issue 10: Spring 2016


Outer Banks This Week - Spring 2016 - Issue 10Though as I write this, spring has not yet arrived on the Outer Banks, there are hints of it. Last night as I walked around Manteo, the Blue Star Creeper, the groundcover with the fragrant blue flowers, was already blooming in several yards, emitting its sweet oniony aroma that is such a harbinger of warmer days to come. It seems early for that, but then again with the weather as crazy as it’s been lately, who knows? Perhaps it’s right on time! We’re almost used to weeks that start out in the 70s then end in the 30s. But I have so many friends here who are literally counting down the days to spring, dreaming of their first non-wetsuit dive into Mother Ocean.

But let’s not hurry things. This time of year on these islands is a lot of what probably keeps many locals here. We prepare for the coming summer season with its influx of thousands, but we revel in the empty beaches, the less-crowded restaurants, the trips from Nags Head to Corolla that take 40 minutes instead of more than an hour. We take time to see friends at local night spots and spend some extra time with our workouts. We visit art galleries and get out into nature more.

We know the warmth that brings all our visitors is coming, though. The restauranteurs we worked with  for this issue are busy with their menus, the shopkeepers are making sure the right merchandise is on its way, the Y staff is helping clients get swimsuit ready, the vacation rental companies folks are constantly on the phone taking summer reservations, the accommodation owners are getting everything perfect. It’s a busy time!

Even more, then, to say again…let’s not hurry things. We can be busy but not hurried. Let’s keep our off-season state of being for as long as possible — of noticing the gaps between the actions, the pause amidst the achievements. There will be plenty of time to work and play hard under a hot sun.


Tilting at Windmills

By Beth P. Storie
I have lived on the Outer Banks for close to 40 years now, and while I realize that does not give me native status — or knowledge — I’ve fancied that I’m more than a little aware of the history that has come before us on these shifting islands due to my local profession of writing and publishing about the area. So,... Read More

Southern Nouveau Cooking and More

By Lexi Holian
Chef-inspired coastal cuisine mixes with Southern hospitality at Red Sky Cafe, where the signature shrimp and grits are always the first thing servers recommend. The upscale but casual eatery spotlights fresh, local fare in a remodeled rustic dining room where you can watch the chefs creating in the exhibition-style... Read More

Taking Life Easy

By Lexi Holian
Sometimes the best thing to do on vacation is not much at all. A leisurely drive with the windows down, salty breeze blowing and the sound of waves hitting the shoreline is exactly what vacation is all about, especially when you’re behind the wheel of a vintage Volkswagen buggy.Island Cruisers has 4WDs for beach... Read More

A Passion for Pottery

By Lexi Holian
Cool, coastal tones and the soothing sounds of wind chimes are what first attract the passerby to the door of Alice’s Craft Gallery. Step inside and you’re captivated by an array of fused glass, handmade jewelry, fine woodwork, metals, prints and one of the most extensive pottery collections on the Outer Banks.Owner... Read More

Celebrate More Than 400 Years of History

By Amelia Boldaji
Roanoke Island Festival Park brings more than 400 years of history to life. At the Adventure Museum, dress up like a pirate, test your cargo loading strength or try your hand at computer programs and quizzes that sort through theories about the fate of the Lost Colony. Explore more than 25 acres of the site, complete... Read More