Outer Banks Articles & Shorts - Issue 15: Fall/Winter 2017/18

Greetings, all!

Does it seem to you that time passes faster lately? I swear, just a twist in time ago it was Memorial Day weekend with the promise of sun, waves and the easy living of summer (well, that is, unless you work to make sure all of our visitors have a fabulous time, right?!). And now, here it is autumn on the Outer Banks with 2017 more than half over. Wow. I know that so many parents felt this pang of warp speed as they sent their little ones off to their first day of school or, even more panging, to college however far away. Around the land, we could hear you exclaiming, “How did we get here so fast? How are they possibly old enough to be doing this on their own?” I was thinking about this as it relates to so many of the businesses that make up this issue. I bet it’s astounding to the Brewing Station owners that they’ve been bringing us innovative beer and food for 16 years already! What about the Sea Ranch, which has hugged its oceanfront location since 1963 – that’s more than 50 years that have passed! Tranquil House/1587 . . . 24 years. Joe Lamb Realty . . . 50 years as well. Stack’em High . . . 36 years. Even some of our “younger” businesses, such as Nest or the Sanderling Resort, are well- established as long-time members of the Outer Banks scene. And, if all you owners/managers could speak here, I’m imagining you’d mostly say . . . where has the time gone? We here at OuterBanksThisWeek.com are even scratching our heads a little over the fact that this is our fifth fall issue of the magazine! I know the adage Time Passes Fast When You’re Having Fun is at work here in many ways. But the truth is that all of you businesses with any longevity have remained steady through good times and hard times. You are the backbone of the Outer Banks, the foundation that maintains the form and strength of these islands. Take a little breather as these fall winds start blowing in. You certainly deserve it.



Feathering Your Nest

By Jennifer Armstrong
As you wander the streets of downtown Manteo, be sure to take the stairs up to Nest where elegant goods for home and person await the discerning shopper. With its soft lighting and artful displays, Nest captures the cozy yet sophisticated feel of a European market. If you’re looking for an adornment, such as an eye-... Read More

American Dragons

By Dave Holton
“I am not a Virginian, but an American."  – Patrick Henry, Speech in the Virginia Convention, September 1774 Local, local, local. That’s the word of the day, is it not? And, yet, the SeaDragon Gallery at 1240 Duck Road has bucked that tradition for more than 16 years  . . .  and proudly.  Founded by Paula Myatt, a... Read More

Celebrate the Seasons at Sanctuary Vineyards and The Cotton Gin

By Jennifer Armstrong
Sanctuary Vineyards and The Cotton Gin kick off the holiday season on November 18 with Currituck Christmas, an afternoon of games and gifts for kids, live music, refreshments, door prizes and a special sale. Santa will arrive Currituck-style, on a John Deere tractor. Also on the horizon is The Big Curri-Shuck, a... Read More

Outer Banks Real Estate Update

By Jeff Scott
The Outer Banks real estate market is unique. Unlike most areas where there is a large amount of industry or a university, Outer Banks property values are greatly affected by tourism, folks looking for a place to retire and/or just a better lifestyle. Another factor that affects Outer Banks prices is the limited... Read More

Oysters, Yes, But Other Pearls Too

By Heather Frese
With a name like Ocracoke Oyster Company, it’s a given that oysters in their various incarnations will blow your mind. Ten different oysters on the half shell await, from classic raw to ceviche, sushi and BBQ preparations and Rockefeller, Crabby and Mon Louis baked with homemade toppings. But when you learn that... Read More