Outer Banks Articles & Shorts - Issue 18: Fall/Winter 2018/19

I’m writing this Publisher’s Letter as rain pelts my office windows. I had one of those quick head turn, multi-emotions experiences just now: thinking about how much I adore a rainy day then quickly having the images and accounts of the suffering of our southern neighbors, mostly attributed to unprecedented rainfall from Hurricane Florence, fill my head. As an Outer Banks community, it’s clear how much their plight is in all of our hearts by how abundantly so many from here have given to help storm survivors. We all know that a 3-degree northward shift could have meant that we would have been the ones digging and drying out from Hurricane Florence. It wasn’t our turn this time. But it feels so significant the degree to which Outer Bankers have responded that I wanted to take some space here to recognize the effort and compassion. This obviously caring community is one of the things I appreciate the most about living here, and I’m sure it’s what many of our visitors feel when they come for their vacations. As my friend Jenn used to say, “Good On All Of You!” It’s officially fall now, and the seasons of spooky, thankfulness and cheer are quickly approaching. May you all – both readers and the fabulous businesses that are a part of this, our 18th, issue – rest easy as the leaves change color and drift and (maybe!) the snow falls on this lovely and generous place we call home.



Any Way the Wind Blows

By Molly Harrison
How Outer Banks lives are affected by and dependent on the wind. When I was growing up in central North Carolina, daily wind speed and direction were the farthest things from my mind. I didn’t think about the wind unless it was cold and uncomfortable, and to be quite honest, direction didn’t matter because I had no... Read More

Christmas in Edenton

By Beth P. Storie
The magic of the holiday season transcends time and age. The traditions preserved are elements that excite us, whether we’re 2 or 92. It’s that feeling of joy and nostalgia that hits you when you catch a whiff of spiced gingerbread or hear Bing Crosby sing "White Christmas". Edenton captures this magic like no other.... Read More

Making Priceless Memories at The Cotton Gin

By Hannah Lee Leidy
“Out with the old, in with the new” is a trend often found in the retail world. Nevertheless, each passing year at The Cotton Gin proves that its shoppers can have both. The family-owned business never stops looking for new ways to combine retail, recreation and the surrounding natural resources to create an... Read More

Fashion Beyond the Beach

By Molly Harrison
Lady Victorian might be located at the beach, but that doesn’t mean you can only shop here for resort wear in the summertime. This treasure trove of contemporary fashion is open year round and is always bringing in new fashions that help customers transition between seasons with style. The range of women’s clothing... Read More

Trusted and Reliable Property Management

By Molly Harrison
In a sea of property management companies, what makes one company rise to the top? Joe Lamb, Jr. & Associates stands out not only for experience (they’ve been providing management services on the Outer Banks since 1968!), but also for the individual attention they provide every homeowner and guest.   Because Joe... Read More