Outer Banks Articles & Shorts - Issue 24: Spring 2021

Publisher's Letter

I’m looking out my (home) office (still!) windows and seeing clumps of daffodils emerging. There are buds on the pear tree, and we just might have missed (again!) the timing on our pre-emergent to control those lovely (at least they’re green!) weeds trying to outdo our centipede.

Why all the parentheticals, you might be wondering?

I feel like 2020 was a parenthetical in many ways – so many side comments meant to edify, emphasize, provide detail, add a personal touch. I imagine that we all share some commonalities about the past 12 months: disorientation over the relative isolation, worry about ourselves or loved ones or a reorganizing of our lives in so many ways.

But the parentheticals have been, I believe, unique (and here’s one place I’m willing to use that numbingly overused word) to each of us. Even if we can say that we appreciated the enforced quietude, the experience of it was inevitably different for each of us. How directly we were impacted by a serious illness or death from the pandemic is not equal among us. How we used our less-structured time varied, I’m sure.

But it’s in the parentheticals that I think we’ve all grown. We had to adapt, we got to lend a hand perhaps more than we usually would have, maybe we even had deeper insights into our own psyches given the extraordinary circumstances of 2020.

And I think we’re going to need that deeper insight (and stored up energy) for the vacation season ahead of us. From the clients we’re talking to these days, it’s going to be a doozy. Vacation rentals are surging, and hotel and adventure reservations are coming in at a grand clip. Whether we’re totally ready as an area or not, it looks like the after burn from being cooped up for months is going to be hot, hot, hot.

So, here’s to Spring 2021 … to warm weather, busy schedules, immunity, blooming flowers and seeing our friends again. (Will we recognize each other? Yikes!)



Opening a Book Opens the World

By Molly Harrison
If you’re a reader, then you know there’s nothing like the delicious feeling of falling into a great book, staying up way past your bedtime to spend more time in a different world with characters and experiences far removed from your own. That’s the magic of books, their ability to transport us, expand our... Read More

An Adventurer's, Leisure-Lover's or Something-In-Betweener's Guide to Ocracoke

By Hannah Lee Leidy
For all its 16 miles and remote locale, Ocracoke offers up every inch of its sandy seashore, maritime woods and artisan community to vacation fun. The end result supports three types of beach getaways.  For starters, there’s the Ocracoke with a milieu of outdoor adventures and watersports. It features family-friendly... Read More

Great Moments at the Brew Pub

By Molly Harrison
It doesn’t seem that long ago that a cathedral-sized, lifesaving station-inspired structure being built along the Bypass at milepost 8.5 was the talk of the town. Adding to the intrigue was the new business’s concept as a gourmet restaurant/brewery – a rarity for eastern North Carolina in 2001. Little did everyone... Read More

Making Memories on the Water

By Molly Harrison
Is Your Family Ready For Adventure? Look no further than Crystal Dawn and Country Girl, two of the most trusted party boats on the Outer Banks, based at Pirate’s Cove Marina in Manteo, just over the bridge from Nags Head. These large party boats, also known as head boats, can accommodate numerous anglers or... Read More

Spring Awakening in Currituck

By Molly Harrison
A long winter is one thing, but a long winter during a pandemic is just about unbearable! Puzzles, board games, cooking in, sleeping late, heck even Netflix and Disney Plus are getting old - quick.  Thank goodness the warm days of spring are here. Back outside we go, sinking bare feet into newly green grass, basking... Read More