Outer Banks Articles & Shorts - Issue 5: Fall 2014

We - as in OuterBanksThisWeek.com magazine - have twirled around the sun for one full circle with this fall issue. Has it really been a year?! Is this actually our second fall issue?! Yes. Yes.

It's been a pretty spectacular experience so far. We've received such supportive feedback from readers who appreciate the quality of the layout and writing, and our advertisers have had their businesses presented to customers in a way that has truly benefitted them.

Putting together a publication such as this is something everyone should experience - I mean that. Why? Because, as much as I think I know the Outer Banks well, and I do after almost 35 years here, in creating editorial, procuring pictures and talking in detail with business owners, all of us at OBTW have deepened our knowledge - and, in many cases, our friendships - with our neighboring Outer Banks business owners. That's a main reason many of us have chosen to live on here, right? Because we have more opportunity to honestly know a broader number of people who call themselves islanders than we would in a large city.

So, it's fall again. Some are happy with sweater weather and fireplaces glowing. Others lament the long days of summer closing. Where are you on that seasons spectrum? In my household, we're absolutely divided.

The thing about fall is...I love it. When September comes and the days get shorter, I get happier. Don't get me wrong: I do love summer. Not as much as my husband does...I don't think that's even possible! He's a Florida boy, so the heat feels somehow just right to him. Not to me. When the clocks fall back and it's dark at 5:30 and chilly and cozy, I'm in my most contented emotional place.

Whatever your opinions on this time of year, you can't complain that there's nothing to do! Check out our events calendars at the back of this magazine and you'll see that when the leaves start to fall, the events turn up. Our business features will provide you with details on some of the season's most fun!


Honestly Wild

By Beth P. Storie
There's poetry in the rhythm of horse hooves - a running hip hop cadence. There's an entire vibrational song in the flutter of wings all around us. There's the droning base line of insects as they add the constancy of a background note. Listen: Here on the Outer Banks, we're surrounded by a virtual symphony of... Read More

All That Jazz

By Lisa Loy
  IT'S THE DUCK JAZZ FESTIVAL!   The Town's 8th Annual Duck Jazz Festival comes to life on Sunday, October 12th at the Duck Town Park, a beautiful 11-acre site on the sound in the heart of town. "The Jazz Festival provides a fantastic opportunity for the entire community to get together, to interact with one... Read More

Come Wander Into Buxton Village Books

By Heather Frese
There's an air of enchantment surrounding the vintage gray cottage with the lace-scalloped porch that houses Buxton Village Books. Maybe it's the bright red geraniums dancing in the breeze, or the teasing glimpse of the Pamlico through grasses and reeds, or the sign on the front door - Welcome, waders, wet suits and... Read More

Understanding the Value of Tradition

By Horace Whitfield
It would have been easier to sell swampland in Florida than a winter rental on the Outer Banks when Joe Lamb Jr. and his wife, Ann, opened their first Nags Head office in 1968. One might wonder what Joe had learned from his association with his father-in-law's family selling real estate in Elizabeth City, Kinston and... Read More

A Destination to Remember

By Amelia Boldaji
It's a beautiful thing when love is in the air, and if you're one of those couples who have recently (or even not so recently!) decided to pronounce your wedding vows, then you probably know how simultaneously exciting and daunting it can feel to plan all the next steps that will lead you down the aisle of your dreams... Read More